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  • RE: Compiling the Source

    @john-adams finally got your greasy hands on my source!! LOL
    good to see ya again.

    posted in Core Development
  • RE: Looking for Testing FAQ/Twiki on setting evemu log settings

    Unfortunately not; however the log.ini option names are relatively self-explanatory.

    It'd be great to have such a wiki page created though!

    posted in Testing
  • Error Code Defs

    this is the data used to decode the Internal Server Error. Ref: ServerError XXXXX messages

    /* Error Code layout (wip)

    • code # ABCDE
    •  A = category (0-server, 1-player, 2-command, 3-destiny, 4-cosmic mgr, 5-market, 6-inventory, 7-service, 8-, 9-other)
    •  B = system (0-character, 1-location, 2-system, 3-item, 4-planet, 5-ship, 6-module, 7-agent, 8-, 9-effects)
    •  C = subsystem (0-other, 1-self, 2-target, 3-charge, 4-calculate, 5-init, 6-pilot, 7-skill, 8-bind, 9-timer)
    •  D = type (0-create, 1-destroy, 2-check, 3-change, 4-move, 5-update, 6-save, 7-load, 8-decode, 9-encode)
    •  E = error (0-undef, 1-not init, 2-oob, 3-not found, 4-offline, 5-overflow/max, 6-, 7-unknown, 8-invalid, 9-not implemented)
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  • EVEmu Wiki

    The EVEmu Wiki has been resurrected!

    Click here for the new wiki

    I have imported all of the data from Wikia and all of the data from the old MediaWiki instance.

    Old Wiki Here

    This will be an excellent resource for anyone who wants more information about the project.

    This data is quite old however and therefore I hope some members of the community will help update and organise the wiki contents. It will be greatly appreciated.

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  • New Repository

    I am announcing that the EVEmu Project has moved its GitHub repositories to a new organisation.

    Check it out

    This means that the old evemuproject account's repos will be deprecated immediately and all future work will be on the new organization.

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  • EVEmu 0.8.0 Released!

    I'm happy to announce the release of EVEmu 0.8.0! This new version is a huge change and includes:

    • Enormous core system improvements across the board
    • Build stability improvements
    • Database improvements

    Massive thanks to Allan for contributing his code, this version brings the two branches closer together and therefore means that future changes will be easier and will require less fudging.

    This change also reorganises the repository to clean up some mess and makes it easier for new contributors to work with the code.

    In addition to this, a bunch of scripts have been added to enable easy building using docker compose. This includes the ability to create a server instance (including fully provisioned db) with a single command. This will hopefully make it easier to test new changes on a fresh database.

    More details about changes are in the ChangeLog and the commit log.

    Check it out!

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